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We are thrilled to receive interest from potential audiences and from those that have already been to one of our concerts. If you would like to go on our mailing list for future events, please simply email play@worlewindband.co.uk and we will connect with you. We keep all data safe please see our privacy statement.


Running a band can be an expensive business and although WorleWind Band covers it’s running costs through subscriptions and concerts, and no-one takes any form of payment for their involvement, any extras need to be found from other sources. We are very grateful to the following people and organisations for their support in the past 12 months:


Our Projects:





Instruments—we are currently enhancing our percussion section with thanks to:


Worle Lions Club.


The Thatchers Foundation


Music Library—keeping the music fresh and up to date:






Audio and Visual—keeping pace with technology for performance and recording:







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 Contact Us — Phone: 01934 517719                 E-mail: play@worlewindband.co.uk                           Social Media:

Registered Charity Number: 1174211

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10th Anniversary—we are planning a series of events for our tenth anniversary supported by ongoing collections through:


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I.D.M.  Environmental Services Ltd