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Julia & Andy Ractliffe

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Photo Gallery—2014

11th January 2014

Anniversary Meal

8-9th February 2014

Residential Weekend

1st March 2014

Worle Baptist Church

15th March 2014

Shapwick Church

8th June 2014

Grove Park

6th July 2014

Grove Park

20th July 2014

Band Barbeque

20th July 2014

Grove Park

28th September 2014

Weston Food Festival

18th October 2014

Victoria Methodist Church

29th November 2014

Milton Methodist Church

6th December 2014

Mark Church

December 2014

Sovereign Centre

14th December 2014

Helicopter Museum

20th December 2014

Weston Museum

December 2014

Waitrose and The Lamb

Photo Gallery—2013

12th January 2013

Anniversary Meal

11th May 2013

Charity Concert Sidcot

18th May 2013

Spring Concert Mark Church

16th June 2013

Charity Concert Worle Baptist

7th July 2013

Grove Park

7th July 2013

Band Barbeque

1st September 2013

Grove Park

October 2013

Cadbury Garden Centre

30th November 2013

Milton Methodist Church

December 2013

Sovereign Carols

7th December 2013

Mark Church

December 2013

Caroling Around

Photo Gallery—2012

14th January 2012

Anniversary Meal

25th February 2012

Charity Concert, The Campus

24th March 2012

Wick St Lawrence Church

21st April 2012

Yatton Music Festival

17th May 2012

Charity Concert ChristChurch

2nd June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations Kewstoke

1st July 2012

Grove Park Bandstand

1st July 2012

Annual Band BBQ

26th August 2012

Grove Park Bandstand

September 2012

French Trip

29th September 2012

St Martin's

20th October 2012

Harvest Concert

28th October 2012

Autumn Concert Mark

5th November 2012

Firework Music

8th December 2012

Festive Concert

December 2012

2012 Carolling

Photo Gallery—2011

12th March 2011

21st April 2011

29th April 2011

5th June 2011

14th August 2011

14th August 2011

28th August 2011

15th January 2011

18th September 2011

15th October 2011

5th November 2011

3rd December 2011

Anniversary Meal
Concert, Christ Church, Weston
Incidental Music, Blakehay
Royal Celebrations, Kewstoke
The Lord Nelson, Cleeve
Grove Park Concert
Band Barbeque
Midsummer Madness “Swing’s the Thing”
Sunny Grove Park!
Worle Baptist Harvest Supper
Firework Music
Concert Milton Methodist Church
Carolling 2011

Photo Gallery—2010

4th July 2010

22nd August 2010

22nd August 2010

19th September 2010

21st October 2010

29th October 2010

4th December 2010

December 2010

Inaugural Concert at Grove Park
Concert in Grove Park
Band Barbeque
Joint Concert with Spectrum Music
Concert at Sidcot Arts Centre
Wonders of Weston
Milton Methodist Church Concert
Carolling at Christmas

Photo Gallery—2015

17th January 2015

Anniversary Meal

21st March 2015

Lighthouse Concert

9th May 2015

Wick St Lawrence

7th July 2015

Brent Knoll

19th July 2015

Grove Park

19th July 2015

Band Barbeque

4-7th September 2015

French Trip

20th September 2015

Grove Park

26th September 2015

Worle Community Fest

27th September 2015

Weston Super Foods

17th October 2015

Burtle Harvest Prom

28th November 2015

Milton Methodist Church


Carolling Sovereign Centre

5th December 2015

Worle Carolling
Mark Festive Concert
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